NBA状元受安踏(02020)、李宁(02331)追捧 或收到10年2.5亿美元合约

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年初至今,锡安的球鞋代言争夺战异常热闹,根据4月媒体报道,他收到的合同报价多达6个,其中包括耐克(NKE.US),阿迪达斯,安德玛(UA.US), New Balance,彪马和安踏。而根据最新消息,目前已有9家运动品牌参与竞争。




XXNow with the gradual disintegration of the Warriors dynasty, Anta basketball needs new players to enhance their space, resist risks, and bring new growth points to the brand.

In the battle for Zion, Anta also has its own advantages. They excavated Thompson before he actually scored his results, and built a successful product line around him. This is a good case that can impress Zion.

Signing Zion naturally has to face challenges. After the huge amount of money bet, once Zion suffered major injuries and performances were not as expected, it was not a small loss for the brand.

For Anta and Li Ning, their main shoes are mostly low-backs. From the two technologies and the current mainstream shoes, whether they can support Zion’s high-intensity competition in the NBA is another huge The test. As far as the brand is concerned, Zion’s own sneakers have problems. His high attention will be a counter-attacking brand, and the negative results will be greater by other players.

It is worth noting that the biggest advantages of Anta and Li Ning are not only in the quotation, but also in the sincerity and importance of the star, as well as the most important signature shoes and the sales division behind them.

At present, Zion has completed negotiations with all the bidding brands, and the quotations are basically in place. The final decision will be made in these few days.